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Searchy AI

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Smart AI powered search and filtering

Discover "Searchy AI" - an AI revolution for your Shopify store! Our app leverages AI to understand your product images, improving search precision. Delivering perfect search experience with a multilingual support, and natural language understanding for richer, intuitive searches.

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Meta Magic

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Product description & Meta text generation

Meta-Magic is a comprehensive service for creating short descriptions and meta tags for your products. Our team guarantees that each description encapsulates your product’s essence, accentuating its key features, benefits, and unique advantages.

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Q&A operator

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24/7 AI Chat support

One plugin replacing whole support team. By analyzing all pages and products across your shop, it produces accurate and relevant responses to customer queries. Support AI enhances customer support, reduces response time, and ensures an exceptional shopping experience.

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Our advantages

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  • Boost Sales

    Drive your sales upward with our targeted strategies, tailored to reach your market effectively.

  • Ease of Use

    Our intuitive interface ensures a seamless experience, enabling users of all levels to navigate with ease.

  • Cutting-Edge AI Technology

    Utilizing advanced AI, we provide innovative solutions to meet the demands of today`s digital landscape.

  • Performance Optimized

    Engineered for excellence, our platform delivers top-notch performance, ensuring reliability and speed.

  • Boost Inclusive Design Sales

    Embrace diversity with our inclusive design that makes our services accessible to all, regardless of language or ability.


What people say about us


Online book store

This plugin made my life easier

As a Shopify store owner, I was constantly looking for ways to enhance the user experience on my website. Enter Searchy AI! This app has exceeded my expectations. The AI-powered search has made finding products a breeze, and my customers are loving the precision it offers.


Online Boutique

Searchy AI is a game-changer for my Shopify store!

The AI-powered image understanding has drastically improved search accuracy, making it easier for my customers to find exactly what they're looking for. The multilanguage support is a huge plus, as it helps cater to a wider audience, and the natural language understanding has made searches more intuitive than ever before. I highly recommend Searchy AI to any e-commerce business looking to enhance their search functionality.


Shoes shop

This plugin made my life easier

Searchy AI is an absolute must-have for any serious Shopify store owner. I was blown away by how accurately it understands my product images. My customers can now search for products with ease, and the results are spot on! The multilanguage support has allowed me to expand my customer base globally, and the natural language understanding has given my website a modern touch.