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What are your app's store requirements?

Installing the Searchy AI App on any Shopify store is a simple process that requires just a few clicks. The only requirement is that the store must be operational on Shopify.

Our app, equipped with an advanced AI-powered search engine, is designed to enhance performance, streamline the customer's journey within your store, and boost both sales and revenue for your business.

Which browsers are compatible with Searchy AI app?

We recommend using Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge or any browser that uses Chromium engine to ensure compatibility with Shopify to avoid any unexpected errors.

Does the app installation affect the store's SEO performance?

Rest assured, our app will not alter the display or ranking of your products in Google's suggestions. In fact, we implement several SEO enhancement features such as canonical URLs, shortened URLs, and search display optimization to improve the visibility and accessibility of your products to potential customers.

Does your app work with my theme?

Our app is designed to integrate smoothly with the majority of Shopify themes and will be automatically installed upon activation. Should you require help with setting up the app on your preferred theme or making customizations, our support team is readily available to assist you.

Do you offer a free trial?

Searchy AI gives you a free 14-day trial with access to all features. You don't have to give any payment information to start the trial, and it begins as soon as you install the app.

Can your app work with other apps?

The Searchy AI app is made to work smoothly with other apps in your Shopify store, letting each app operate as it's meant to while still working in harmony.

If you have questions about how our app will work with other apps, you can reach out to our support team via plugin dashboard, and they'll be happy to help.

Can I transfer filter & search data between different Shopify stores?

The Searchy AI App allows for easy data transfer between Shopify stores with the app, enabling you to quickly export and import feature data. This convenience saves you both time and effort. If you ever need to move all of your store's data, our friendly support team is always on hand to help you.

Can you help me with the app setup?

Our support channels are always open to our customers. If our setup guide doesn't align with your store's needs, feel free to contact the support channel that works best for you. We're here to assist with setup, even during the free trial period.

I have custom needs, can you help me out?

Should you need to tailor our app to fit your store's unique needs, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at any time. We are consistently available to assist and accommodate any customer requests.

Can I customize how your app looks in my store?

You have the ability to completely customize the app's display to align with your store's aesthetic. Every aspect of our feature displays, including theme layout, filter display, and search display, can be adjusted at all levels to suit your preferences.